MAGROUND Supports Weather Channel in Winning 2021 Emmy

The Emmy win is for the category of ‘Outstanding Technical Achievement – News and Documentary.”

MAGROUND has supported the Weather Channel in winning an Emmy for the 2021 ‘Outstanding Technical Achievement – News and Documentary’ category. The Weather Channel is well-known for its extraordinary immersive mixed reality virtual weather views, which have been noted and applauded by the Emmy selection committee and viewers this year.

MAGROUND produced the basis assets for an immersive Weather Channel project with our super high-resolution (500MP) 360° domes, including all retouching,” says one of MAGROUND’s founders, Wladimir Alexi. “Last year, we did a 60-day production assignment tour for the Weather Channel with two of our photographers through 50 locations in 50 different cities across nearly all US states, until COVID-19 restrictions stopped the production. Regardless, we were able to finish this project on time and helped the Weather Channel to win their well-deserved Emmy.”

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360° image from Birmingham, Alabama


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