Redefining Automotive Excellence with High-Resolution Imagery

In the world of automotive advertising, the race for innovation never slows down. It's a domain where the fusion of technology and art paints the future of how we perceive luxury on wheels. Mercedes-Benz USA, in its latest campaign for the stunning EQS Maybach SUV, has once again reset the benchmarks for visual storytelling. This campaign isn't just about showcasing a car; it's about creating a world that mirrors the sophistication and forward-thinking design of the Maybach itself. And the partner in crafting this vision? MAGROUND, with their unparalleled high-resolution backplates that bring to life virtual landscapes so vivid, one might just forget they're not real.

In a marriage of technology and aesthetics spanning over a decade, MAGROUND has worked hand-in-hand with Mercedes-Benz USA and the creative minds at Merkley+Partners to usher in a new era of advertising visuals. A tour de force where the hero, the Mercedes-Benz EQS Maybach SUV, is cast against a canvas that is nothing short of a digital masterpiece.

The Decade-Long Collaboration: Bridging Vision and Versatility

For a decade, MAGROUND has been a pivotal ally to Mercedes-Benz USA and Merkley+Partners, each entity bringing their expertise to the table to forge a path that leads the industry forward. This triumvirate has seamlessly integrated artistic vision with operational pragmatism, consistently delivering visuals that stand out in the competitive landscape of automotive artistry.

MAGROUND's high-resolution backplates offer a practical solution without sacrificing the elegance associated with the Maybach brand. Their vast collection of affordable high-quality stock images is a testament to their commitment to accessible excellence, providing a cost-effective yet luxurious backdrop that complements the Mercedes-Benz EQS Maybach SUV's design and prestige.

In their latest campaign, this dynamic synergy is on full display. The EQS Maybach SUV emerges not just as a vehicle but as an icon, set against the versatile and high-quality backplates from MAGROUND.

Elevating Imagery Beyond the Ordinary

In an industry where detail is paramount and quality is non-negotiable, MAGROUND stands out by providing an unparalleled visual experience. The technical excellence of MAGROUND's offerings is evident in the pristine 10k pixels resolution backplates that form the cornerstone of their visual solutions. The advantage doesn't stop at resolution. The HDRi domes from MAGROUND offer a 32-bit depth, ensuring that the lighting and reflections on the vehicle's surface are rendered with lifelike accuracy. This sets MAGROUND apart from mainstream stock agencies and image content providers..