The Chase is Better Than The Catch

This collaboration between Mondlicht Studios and MAGROUND not only pay tribute to the iconic A-Team and their unforgettable escapades but also to the legendary "Ace of Spades" album by Motörhead. All visuals are created by CG and Postproduction company Mondlicht Studios with MAGROUND content.

The Chase is Better Than The Catch

Utilizing outstanding Maground background images and HDRIs, this series delivers a thrilling chase that could easily belong to the golden era of action-packed, high-octane cinema. Mondlicht Studios’ artist Basti Trescher created an epic CGI image series about an adrenaline-fueled chase in a style of 80s film.

In their legendary GMC Van, the A-Team picks up the trail of a bunch of villains in a (supposed) milk truck. Then, suddenly, as it is fitting, the police are on their heels and a dynamic hunt ensues between the protagonists. The dry landscape under the hot Californian sun serves as the perfect backdrop for this action-packed spectacle, far from the big cities and in the midst of an endless wasteland. 

This series is packed with lighthearted allusions to the A-Team's quirks, notably B.A. Baracus' well-documented affection for milk, infusing the narrative with a splash of humor. Moreover, the imagery is not solely an homage to the A-Team but also pays tribute to the legendary "Ace of Spades" album by Motörhead, with visual references skillfully integrated into the storyline. These elements collectively infuse the series with even more of the aforementioned nostalgia and a cult-like reverence, inviting viewers to embark on a scavenger hunt for Easter Eggs hidden throughout the scenes. Can you find them all?

"The Chase is Better Than The Catch" encapsulates the essence of the 80s’ entertainment culture with its blend of action, humor, and Rock’n’roll and also mirrors the visual aesthetics and color grading that defined the era's cinematic productions. This series stands as an homage to a time when the entertainment world was awash with bold characters, unforgettable soundtracks, and a sense of adventure that resonated with a whole generation.

It reflects a period characterized by the rise of cable television, the explosion of blockbuster movies, and the cultural phenomenon of video games, all of which contributed to the 80s pop culture. The 80s were also marked by the emergence of heavy metal bands like Motörhead, whose music became synonymous with rebellion and the raw energy of the era, influencing not just music but the broader cultural landscape.

The A-Team, with its unforgettable catchphrases, over-the-top action sequences, and distinct characters, captured the imaginations of viewers around the globe, becoming an symbol of television. Unfortunately, for enthusiasts of the 80s culture, the project remains a tantalizing what-if. It is a tribute to a time brimming with creativity, innovation, and a spirit of defiance. Through this cg series, fans are transported back to a time of cinematic and musical legends, even if only in a nostalgic reverie.

As it is best practice with the A-Team, nobody was seriously hurt during this production.

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