Iconic Design Intersection

Iconic Design Intersection

We’re excited to announce a remarkable collaboration with the renowned CGI experts at Mondlicht Studios. Together, we offer a free exclusive 3D model of a Ferrari prototype from the 1970s.

In our example visuals the car has been placed and beautifully rendered and integrated in one of MAGROUND’s iconic backplates from Brasilia. This project showcases the convergence of cutting-edge technology and artistic vision but also pays homage to the timeless designs of two legendary figures: Oscar Niemeyer and Paolo Martin.

Photoproduction Brasilia

A Tribute to Design Visionaries
Oscar Niemeyer’s National Congress Palace in Brasilia is an architectural masterpiece, celebrated for its bold forms and innovative use of space. Completed in 1960, the building is still a symbol of modernist architecture. Niemeyer’s work embodies a spirit of optimism and boldness that continues to inspire architects all around the world.

Rendering & Postproduction by Mondlicht-Studios - Backplate & HDRi by MAGROUND

In a parallel universe of automotive design, Paolo Martin’s Ferrari 512S Modulo, introduced in 1970, revolutionized automotive aesthetics with its futuristic, wedge-shaped body and unique design elements. Martin’s vision pushed the boundaries of car design, much like Niemeyer’s work in architecture. The 1970s was a time of great optimism and ambition, often reflected in the retro-futuristic designs that emerged during the era. The Ferrari 512S Modulo and the National Congress Palace are perfect embodiments of this spirit. Through this collaboration with Mondlicht Studios, we invite you to explore and share this vision, bringing a piece of retro-futurism into your creative projects.

Download Your Free 3D Model Today
We are excited to offer this meticulously crafted 3D model of the Ferrari 512S Modulo for free. Whether you’re a designer, artist, or enthusiast, this model, combined with MAGROUND’s high-quality backplates, provides a unique canvas for your creativity. Get your free 3D model and explore the full photo production from Brasilia. Celebrate the legacy of Niemeyer and Martin with us, and let their visionary designs inspire your work.

Please share your creations and link MAGROUND and Mondlicht Studios in your posts — we are always excited to see the results from the creative community.

360° HDR Dome