From Concept to Final Key-Visual : Spotlight on Toyota

From Concept to Final Key-Visual : Spotlight on Toyota

In the sphere of car marketing, imagery is paramount, serving as a bridge between a brand and its consumers. It transcends mere vehicle display, weaving narratives that resonate with potential buyers, invoking feelings, and underscoring a car's distinctive attributes. MAGROUND emerges as a pivotal resource in this arena, offering a vast collection of professional images that ignite inspiration and innovation in marketing experts. Our latest venture with Toyota exemplifies how MAGROUND can enhance marketing imagery from idea to execution.

The key visuals shown were developed for the new Tocoma pickup truck. The team from Creative Beast led by Jorge Pena supervised the entire creative process. From the selection of the environments and perspectives to the development of the look and tonality to the final renderings and post-production.

The Significance of Selecting the Perfect Setting

The choice of a suitable setting is of fundamental importance in automotive marketing. It frames the narrative, sets the tone and significantly influences the viewer's perception of the vehicle. MAGROUND's extensive selection of backplates and HDRi from locations from all around the world provides marketers with countless high-quality images that can enhance the presentation of any vehicle, whether it's a rugged SUV or a sleek city car. The new Toyota Tacoma marketing images illustrate this effectively, emphasizing the design and appeal of the vehicle to capture the audience's attention.

Journey to the Final Marketing Visual: A Detailed Exploration

The path to developing an effective marketing visual is multi-layered and requires thorough planning, collaboration and creative foresight. Here's a closer look at this process, illustrated by our work on the Toyota campaign:

Initial Search for Suitable Backplates: The journey begins with a thorough search through MAGROUND's extensive library to find backplates that not only align with the vehicle's branding but also resonate with the target demographic. This step involves evaluating various landscapes and settings to find a scene that complements the vehicle's aesthetics.

Presentation and Collaboration with Clients: Once potential backplates are identified, they are presented to the client for feedback. This stage is critical for ensuring the chosen visuals align with the client's vision and marketing objectives. It's an interactive process, where suggestions are welcomed, and revisions are made until a consensus is reached.

Finalizing the Visual Concept: After agreeing on the backdrop, discussions shift towards determining the optimal camera angle and composition that best showcase the vehicle's features. This involves a high degree of collaboration between the creative team and the client, ensuring the final visual will engage and appeal to the target audience.

Utilizing Pre-renderings for Clarity: To facilitate effective communication about visual concepts, pre-renderings of the selected locations with the vehicle are created. These pre-renderings provide a clear preview of the final image, allowing all stakeholders to visualize the outcome and make informed decisions. This step is instrumental in bridging the gap between concept and reality, ensuring everyone involved has a unified vision of the final marketing visual.

The Toyota campaign: A demonstration of visual excellence

The Toyota campaign visual is an excellent example of how MAGROUND's resources can be utilized. By specifically selecting a background that fits the style and target market of the Toyota model, the marketing team created a visual narrative that not only highlights the vehicle's best features, but also ties it into a lifestyle scenario that resonates with potential buyers.

Backplates & HDRi by MAGROUND
CGI & Postproduction by JP1985
Client: Toyota