From Photography to 3D

Problem solved: fixed camera angle, camera position, and lens focal length

The advantages of working with stock background images and HDRi are obvious and easy to understand.

  • Short production times, fast and cost-effective content production, and a significant reduction of the CO2 footprint – compared to an on-location-shoot.
  • Compared to full CGI – short production times, fast and cost-effective content production, and¬†true photorealism as real photos are used. The results do not look like 3D.

But there is often one problem: The perfect background image has been found, but the shooting angle does not match the desired vehicle angle 100%.

For different types of vehicles, you need different camera angles, e.g. sport-cars often look better from a lower angle. On the other hand, large vehicles like trucks or busses often need a higher angle for a perfect visualization. Alternatively, you might want to show a specific detail of a car Рthe glass rooftop or you have to show it in profile, the list goes on. The bottom line in daily business is, you often need very individual and specific camera angles. For this problem, we have now found a solution.

We give the control back to the creatives. No more limitations set by stock photography. Enjoy the freedom of choosing any viewing angle & focal length.

“CGI-Ready Locations”

If this is interesting for your content production, please book an appointment under the link below and we will show you the “magic” via screen share. Of course “IMAGE WARP” has more clarity and is even more impressive when viewed in our live demo.

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MAGROUND offers over 900,000 background images and 90,000 HDR Domes. Provided by more than 400 professional photographers worldwide.

Creating visuals with MAGROUND images is the most simple and efficient way to stage products. Contemporary and cost-effective. No trips, no barriers, no logistics, no team on-site, no risks … everything is already done!

With a strong and experienced CGI- and postproduction-partner like MAINWORKS your marketing visuals look the same as a custom ‚Äúon-location‚ÄĚ shootings.

“CGI-Ready Locations”

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