The MAGROUND Picture Update CW 48/2017

However, as a marketer with a creative mind, one actually seeks to tell stories that are passionate, exciting and unprecedented. Market research and brand strategy can put a spanner in the works. But dreaming and goofing around are worthwhile anyway, since they keep it casual and provide new inspirations and perspectives. So goof around a little and send us a short-form, wonderful, outrageous, heart-rending, or whatever kind of story based on our picture. And because goofing around is worth it, the author of the best story will receive the next MAGROUND download at a 50% discount.

Berlin – Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un going on a party trip in a van?

Sardinia – A group of pensioners on the run in a convertible?

Industrial – The mafia suddenly switches to electric vehicles?

Canada – A loney hitch-hiker stops a bus full of cheerleaders?

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