With Bleex a new partner joins MAGROUND’s creative network. Bleex is a very user friendly software to create realistic motion blur effects. Learn more about Bleex after the break.


You can easily create straight and curved motion blurs on static backgrounds. With its new jitter function you can achieve realistic camera bounces as they happen in automotive rig shots, which brings some of the analog charm back to d

igital rigging.

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Bleex got developed in close collaboration with the well-known post production and 3D/CGI company recom from Stuttgart, Germany. The goal was to create a tool which is easy to use and which can take place in high-end photo production processes by offering the best image quality you can possibly get.

For Automotive Advertising and CGI

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Bleex comes in two versions – BleexEasy and BleexPro. BleexEasy is a great location tool for art directors, photographers or digital techs to make first previews and it is completely compatible with the BleexPro Version that is often used to create the final image. BleexPro supports the processing of HDR images, it has the groundbreaking jitter function and it offers an unlimited image resolution.

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