Review: November


November has been the month of architecture. Lovers of modern and classic cityscapes came at their expense with some of Europe’s finest urban landscapes. But we spend some quality time with Mother Nature as well. See the highlights of the past weeks after the break.

High Rising and Staying Classic

Turning former industrial districts into residential areas is an ongoing urban development throughout Europe, with Hamburg’s HafenCity currently being the biggest project of this kind in Germany.

In the Netherlands, Kop van Zuid is Rotterdam’s equivalent of redeveloping waterfronts into mix-use quarters for modern urban living. Another highlight of modern architecture was Zaragoza with lots of futuristic spots around the late Expo site.

Paris is flying the flag for neat classic architecture. So when talking about fine architectural tradition, visiting the metropolis on the Seine is a must.

Lots of backplates and HDR Domes from Europe were joined by some more urban shots of a rainy night in Seoul and a few real dry days in Abu Dhabi.

Remote Beauty

After the hustle of the concrete jungle we took a deep breath and left civilization for the solitude of the atmospheric landscapes of Iceland and Scotland.

Preview: December

The year is fading with some great productions from China and the U.S., taking you to exciting new locations in Shanghai and San Francisco. But we won’t miss out the nature lovers among you as well. So stay tuned for the grand finale.

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