#artworktoday Interview with 3D artist Andre Reiswich from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Design

In the ​design of a new model​ of car, it is particularly important for the designer to convey their visual idea from the ​first draft to the production stage​. Every nuance in the design will be discussed intensively by the manufacturer, so that at the end of the process the perfect version is brought onto the market. Perfection and attention to detail in the visualization of the design are essential.


We met ​Andre Reiswich​.
He is 3D artist at ​Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Design​ and in a brief interview describes the importance of high-quality and realistic design presentation.


What exactly does your job entail?

Part of my work comprises the preparation of vehicle data sets for the visualization, in other words bringing together the correct features with the right colors and materials. We create image compositions both for internal vehicle approval from head of design to the board of directors, as well as for external events such as trade fairs, press events, and dealer conferences in order to communicatively support pre-launch phases. Depending on the use, I stage the vehicle with appropriate perspectives, environment, background, and light. The images are then tweaked in postproduction.

Why is technical excellence so important here?

Even the best preparation comes to nothing if the visualization does not bring across the idea behind the model. The more realistic the depiction is, the more concrete the discussions about it can be. This allows decisive decisions to be made at an early stage. In addition, a high level of realism is important in order to convey to our customers the same emotions that we associate the vehicle with. Our aim is therefore to provide the best possible setting for the new model for every observer.

What do you need to achieve this?

First of all, consistently high-quality files, in order to be able to photorealistically depict the car model in a tangible setting. Reliable file availability is therefore our highest priority. In an ideal scenario, the backplates and HDR spheres that we obtain from our partner MAGROUND are already arranged in such a way that we don’t have to improvise much. Also important are different perspectives, so that the new model can be seen from all possible angles at one and the same location – effectively like a virtual photo shoot. If these prerequisites are met, it is difficult to differentiate the virtual image from reality.

Thanks to Andre Reiswich from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Design

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