Convince yourself of the image quality and download our test package with Highres images,
360 °-Photo and matching HDR-Dome for lighting.
Attention the data weight is huge! 😉
The commercial use of the images is not allowed and must be licensed if required.
Permitted and desired are the use for portfolio work, customer pitch, and presentations.
MAGROUND must always be clearly credited and linked as the background image source.
We are excited to see your rendering, retouching, design or compositing results!


D O W N L O A D   N O W



The Test-Set includes:
5 x Highres Backplates, Tiff, 8 bit, 300 dpi, 10328 × 7760 px
1 x Highres 360°-Photo, Tiff, 8 bit, 300 dpi, 30.000 x 15.000 px
1 x HDR Dome, EXR, 32 bit, 30.000 x 15.000 px


For more landscapes, cityscapes and automotive backplate images,
HDR domes and 360° photos visit our website


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