MAGROUND goes Video!

CG & Postproduction by RECOM FILM


The material is shot in up to 8K resolution which guarantees an extraordinary outcome which is ready to tell stunning visual stories or use for CG integration. Shots from a rig or flights with a drone from up in the sky, you get the perfect angle with smooth and dramatic tracking shots. Create a whole spot with our high quality footage or use single clips to round out the story for your client. Different angles as usual at MAGROUND.


DRONE / AERIAL videos from a birds-eye view

More DRONE and AERIAL videos


DRIVING FOOTAGE in the highest quality for perfect tracking



MOVING STILLS create attention. So bring motion into a static image.

More MOVING STILLS for you


PACK SHOTS because your product needs the perfect close-up.

Our PACK SHOT videos


CONCEPTIONAL shots to make a difference with your spot.

See our CONCEPTIONAL shots


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